IBL problem when using Nodes.StandardNodeMaterial()

Hello everybody,

I am making a webcomponent with a rotating cube that has a Nodes.StandardMaterial. The lighting is based on a hdrCubeMap (6 hdr’s). The problem is probably when I try to link the “hdrCubeRenderTarget” texture to the Nodes.CubeTextureNode( hdrCubeRenderTarget.texture ).

I have really tried to build a fiddle but I can’t store .hdr images on imgur.com nor encode them into Base64. If you have a solution, please tell me! Help me help you help me: I understand that the code looks quite ugly!

EDITED: I have thought of a better way the display my code. It is available here: https://jsfiddle.net/eric2/kp1tsd97/10/

Before adding the IBL code (hdrCubeMap), I saw a cube with a nice brick texture. Now I see this:

And here’s a screenshot of the blocks here I think the problem is.

If you know how I can display/link hdri via JSFiddle, let me know. I’ll be glade to learn so I show my problem more easily.

Thanks for your patience!