I wanna render a 3d model with lines

Hi everyone, İ have i 3d model (like this three.js examples) but i want to make this model just with lines like this photo. How can i do this? thanks from now!

Take a look at this post (and maybe also this thread.)

Technically, you could achieve this kind of line work by simply using .wireframe property on the material - but that will render all edges on the model (even the ones facing the camera, which are hidden on the screenshot you shared.)


thanks a lot. this post gonna be helpful i think

@mjurczyk thanks for sharing the “LDraw-like edges” thread. I was just looking at alternatives to the technique I posted that are more geometry-based instead of screen space based.

@ufuk_yilboga let me know if the outline post process shader I posted there does what you need! It may take some tweaking of the parameters. I didn’t explain that part very well because I don’t yet have a good intuition for it. I’m happy to help out if you find any bugs/artifacts with it.

There is also an update in progress to let Blender export lines to glTF: Add preliminary support for loose edges and points by nasser · Pull Request #717 · KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO · GitHub