Is there an way to show/export model wireframes?

This is my wireframe in blender:

And this is the same model in three with the wireframe tag:

Is there any possible way to get the original wireframe, the one that shows the real edges instead of the triangles? GLTF most likely cannot do it, but any other way would be good, if i could only get the linesegments.

If you can select each of the edges in Blender and split them you could search for the bounding edges when you load the asset in threejs and render those. The smoothing will be broken, so a cylinder will show up as a prism, but you can use one mesh with smoothing (not broken) to render the surface, and another (the broken one) to render the wireframe.

@dubois my blender skills are extremely limited (learning it on and off for a month now), sorry for asking but could you explain how i split the edges, and then search for the bounding edges?

you can try this

how did i not see this, it works! :smiley: thanks @Dragon3DGraff !

Just to note the technicality. I think the edges are using a “threshold angle” which is similar to how you would auto smooth an asset in Blender (or other software). You may not get the same exact wireframe, since in 3d software you can also do this manually. So while the desired effect may be achievable with say a 34.67 degree threshold, a few edges that were manually assigned (modeled) may be different.

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