How to make the sun not-blinding

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a scene with a sea that will look like this example and a sky that will look more like this example.

I created four functions createLights(), createSun(), createSky(), and createWater() to achieve that. The functions are in the attached file. sample_code.js (3.0 KB)

The result is good as you can see in the attached pics, however, the sun is blinding when you rotate the scene. How can I make the sun milder under all angles?

Thank you in advance!

If you are using Sky in your scene, you don’t need to add lights.

As for making lights less blinding - if a light has high intensity and small distance (or decay), it is going to be focused and blinding. If you increase the distance, and the intensity along with it, it should become more ambient and soft.

Thanks @mjurczyk! I ended up removing the sun and things worked perfectly!

So using sky.js from examples should light any objects in the scene?
I’m not getting that result.

(I’m using a sun directional light and a hemisphere light to light objects.)

Any reasons why this would be?

Hi @GlifTek. No, using sky.js my scene looks like a nice sunny morning. However, the 3D models inside the scene appear dark if I don’t add extra lights. Specifically, I use a Hemisphere light and a directional light, to light up my 3D models.

Right, that’s what I do. Was just wondering about what mjurczyk said about not having to add lights.