How to create a shallow underwater scene?

Hi there, I just finished Discover Three JS and I want to try to contruct a shallow underwater scene I have in mind for an app I want to create. The scene is similar to what can be seen in this video minus the fish (

The big questions I have right now are:

Can I make the creek floor one big mesh or will having a mesh for each rock be fine? Can I programatically create each random rock with boundaries on dimensions?

How do I handle the caustics of the water’s surface on the rocks? Can this be dynamic or will it be too expensive?

This reminds of one ancient WebGL demo by Evan Wallace. I saw it for the first time some 10 years ago and it still amazes me. You can move the ball to make ripples in real time.



Maybe these topics will be helpful somehow :thinking: :

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Oh wow, I remember seeing this when I was in college around 2015! Yeah the refraction would be something I’m aiming for. Gonna have to take it one step at a time. Outside of the caustics not much else would be moving in the scene.

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