Procedural terrain rendering for indie game

Hi guys,

I want to showcase my work on rendering water and terrain in a procedural manner using a lot of tricks. You may try it on

The textures we used to render the terrain, the water caustics and foam and some random textures for uv displacements and so forth. We also use the depth buffer as a pre render phase to render foam on dynamic objects. This was explored and used previously on these forum, thank you.

We do a lot more with our engine, resource management, space partitioning, collision detection, object editing, hightmap drawing on a canvas and so on. To further details you might be interested on watching our editor and explanations on youtube:

Thank you


So cute! I really enjoy the game! :blush:

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Hurrra! It´s a great user experience. The textures are s good and the moves are smooth. Very interesting way to create the textures also. thanks

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The demo and final game will be localized in chinese. The idea is to have a fully working demo of 21 short level for the end of 2024. We will need testers :grin:

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The ship is from our artist, the rest is mine and subject to change. I want to lunch a game in steam in 2025 or 2026. Thank you for your feedback, please consider joining our discord server or social accounts for updates

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