[Job] Help Create Water Shader

Hi I want to find someone can help me create the ocean shader that look exactly like in (https://coastalworld.com/). The foam, waves and colors, I need it exactly the same as in CoastalWorld.
Budget: 300$ - 500$
If you can help me on this, plz mail me at: nhnpro.nguyenhoang@gmail.com

Hey @Nam_Nguyen_Hoang -

A nice looking toon water shader (in this case, resembling the Voronoi caustics popularized by Wind Waker) can be difficult (especially with shore detection).

There is an ongoing discussion about this topic here: Unlit water shader with foam - #15 by arpu


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@notchris thank you. I know it’s difficult , I tried for weeks, but still no progress. That’s why I want to hire somebody can help me on this.

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