Logarithmic Spiral

Hi community!

Here is a reference pic (if you’ve got enough spare time, you can create this… if you want to :upside_down_face:):

And, having this topic SeaShell Mesh from point array? extrude along path? - #8 by prisoner849, here is an example of using such type of spiral:

This is a whole single geometry, created by merging of hundreds of more or less randomly shaped geometries (I honestly tried my best with it :crossed_fingers:)

Warning: it takes about 5 seconds to build that geometry on my Core i7, so be patient :innocent:


Looks lovely, took about 2 seconds on i9

Looking at the code I see why it takes a while :smiley:

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Great idea! It took 13 secs on a Pixel (1)^^.

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Yeah, ConvexBufferGeometry (for 50 random points) + SubdivisionModifier (level of subdivision: 2) + calculation of UVs, and all that stuff is for each and every rock :sweat_smile:
If someone knows more efficient way/idea of how to generate random geometries for stones, just let me know, would be very appreciate.


Sure, easy. Just generate a library of, say, 50 rocks, then pick one at random. But honestly, for a demo - i don’t see any problem with this approach :smiley:


Took about 17 seconds on a Nexus 6.

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This will come in handy for generating the state vectors for stars that make up spiral galaxies… :dizzy:

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Watching those galaxies tear each other apart in slow motion is just… Ahhhhh… And it wouldn’t have been possible without your code, so hats off to you for what feels like the fifty-eleventh time :beers:


This is simply great! :+1: :fireworks:

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