【Question】About use vertexs construct BufferGeometry

Hi there!
I have this question about use vertexs construct BufferGeometry.

Suppose i want make a geometry like this
Got Front Face A and back E,
and got this cylinder hole through A to E.
Suppose now i have lots of vertexs,How can i make a geometry just like this one?
Without manually assign faces or something else.
I just make this Geometry simple to understand,the real Geometry maybe very complicated and irregular

ExtrudeGeometry will help.
A rectangular shape with a circular hole, passed in ExtrudeGeometry.:thinking:

Yes.I know extrudeGeometry could do the job.i draw this shape simple just for understanding.The real geometry is a lot of complicated and the hole may be irregular for us to draw a shape.Maybe a cave hole or some damage hole.got different shape and radius in z coords.so im wondering maybe if we could rebuild this thing with plain vertexs data?if we got enough vertexs,can i rebuild it?

i tried three-csg but it tooks 5-6s .my geometry construct only cost 200ms thats about 25~30 times cost.

maybe this one, B is a point in face F.face E got a shape,all points in it connect to point b,maybe is straight line maybe its some kind of curve.