Water at top of CubeTextureLoader

Hi everyone :blush: ,

I’m just getting into threejs and for my first project I’m trying to create a scene in which the camera is underwater. Currently I have six water images in the CubeTextureLoader (CTL) and also added water (flowmap) from this example to the scene. Currently, it sits at the bottom and basically covers the 4th image (bottom/ neg-y) of the scene. However, I’m trying to get it at the top of the box ie. covering the last image of the array but I can’ t figure out how I can get the water together with the ground to flip. Also, I was wondering if it is somehow possible to directly replace one of the images in the CTL image array with the a variable.

Any thoughts?

Why are you using CubeTexture for your scene? Normally, this type of texture is used for environment mapping or skyboxes and sampled in the fragment shader via textureCube().