How do I make an original POV-ray texture and use it in a Three.js scene?

I got this question from my teacher but I have no clue at all what it’s talking about?? I know a little what Pov-Ray is and how the code works but how can I import a Pov-ray texture and use it in a Three.js scene?

“The view must include textures. At least two of them must be created using ray-tracing technique (use POV-Ray), so you must also provide the POV-Ray source code used for generating the textures. Create your own textures so they must be original. The POV-Ray programs must be original. For example, a POV-Ray texture can be used for showing the house floor.”

“Create and implement two original textures using POV-Ray for significant surfaces (e.g., floor, walls).”

From what I’ve googled Pov-Ray is a

ray-tracing program that generates images from a text-based scene description

So I’d guess you can use it to create an image file (probably a PNG or JPEG), and then use that image like any other image you would use.

You’ll need to provide more information if it’s not what your looking to do, since your teacher’s question doesn’t mention THREE.js

thank you,it’s a three.js assignment where i need to make a house with furniture and stuff. he wants the floor or wall to be a pov-ray texture. when i made the texture it creates a .pov file not a png or jpg and the texture doesn’t load.

-there is no error message btw

-there is no error message btw

Obviously your export from POV-Ray is not exact. It should also be able to export png.

POV-Ray - Wikipedia :
support for textures and rendered output in many image formats, including TGA, PNG, and JPEG, among others

Maybe you can get help in a POV-Ray forum?

I haven’t worked with the software myself, I only know it because my project Addon for triangulation of implicit surfaces/ forms with holes is a takeover from Pascal visualizes with POV-Ray.

I can’t post on the POV-Ray forum, I can’t log in with my gmail account for some reason : (

You should practice searching online. It was easy to find.

POV-Ray: Documentation: File Output Options

"The default type of image file depends on which platform you are using. MS-DOS and most others default to 24-bit uncompressed Targa. Windows defaults to ‘sys’, which is 24-bit BMP. See your platform-specific documentation to see what your default file type is. You may select one of several different file types using Output_File_Type=x or +Fx where x is one of the following…
… C Compressed Targa-24 format (RLE, run length encoded)
… N PNG (portable network graphics) format


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