How can i shine white part of the black & white texture

I want to cover a model with a texture. The texture is black & white but i also want the white parts of the texture must be shine. How can i do that?

What do you mean with “must be shine”?
Do they have to reflect lights differently from dark parts?
Or do they have to glow?


Yeah exactly, they have to glow. Btw thank for answering quickly.

If so, then use Bloom or Selective Bloom:
Also, feel free to search the forum:

For shininess, you can also use a specular map.
In this example. the ocean is shiny.
The image I used for the specular map is like this.

The white areas are shiny.
Many material types support specular. for example,
THREE.MeshPhongMaterial :

There are many ways, but your method will depend on which type of material you are using for your model.

If you are using the MeshPhysicalMaterial then you also have roughnessMap and metalnessMap

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