How can I export model with texture as GLTF in blender

Hello, everyone.
Now I am trying to export model as gltf with texture.
My model is separated to many parts thus I joined them to few number of parts in order to animate it.
As you can see, I want to rotate the whole turret when my mousemove.

So I joined the objects to turret and export this model.
Problem appears here.
When I load the model, the turret works well but there is no texture.

How can I find solution? Kindly teach me.

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You’ll need to share your .blend file, or at least show how you’re adding the texture in Blender, for us to help you debug what is going wrong. Also see:

Thank you for your reply donmccurdy.
Here is my blend file and model file.
I hope you to share screen record if possible how to do it.
Thank you again.

The problem is that this .blend file is using the “Diffuse BSDF” material type, whereas the glTF exporter (see these docs) expects a Principled BSDF material. You’ll need to change each material as shown below:

In this example I only change a single material; you’ll need to do the same for all of the materials in the dropdown. With just that one updated, you can see one of the textures on already:


Hello, dear.
I am not sure that because your screen record video is blur.
If possible would you like to show me how to do it with screen share via teamviewer?
My skype id is live:.cid.655cf4be5c4675f6.
Thank you!

Oh, I did this.
Thank you for your help.

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