Not getting the right texture

This is what my model in blender looks like

This is what it looks like in three.js editor

I don’t know why i am not able to get texures output as jpeg image when i export em as GLTF.
any sort of help would be appreciatied.

  1. Try exporting as GLB with embedded textures - is smaller and easier to work with.
  2. Make sure to enable Alpha Blend blending mode on the material in Blender:

do i have to do this with every material ?


I dont see the option to change the blending mode. Tried selecting different object,still nothing.

newRobot2.glb (2.2 MB)

I did some research and the reason im not getting blending mode is because im on cycles and not on eevee. Anyhow, i would’ve attached a screenshot part the part of my material setup is huge, so im attaching my .blend file. If you could please have a look at it and tell me how to export to get it working with textures and all.

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The only material type well supported by blender → gltf exporter is the eevee principled BSDF.
And custom shader node setups are generally not supported.
So you have to stick to just the diffuse/roughness/metalness/alpha etc. If you need something more complex, you’ll have to implement that on the threejs side.

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aight makes sense. So you are saying that i’ll have to use the ThreeJS commands to get the wave texture and other Add-On functionality ? :frowning:

For the wave texture, if its made with shader nodes or something, then yeah that probably will have to be reacreated, in threejs, or baked out as a single texture, in blender.

For mesh modifiers/various mesh addons, etc. those can usually be automatically “applied” by the exporter and you will get the output. But not geometry nodes, etc.

As far as animation goes, only object scaling/rotation/position, skinned meshes, morph target animations can be exported.