Blender model doesn't render texture

Hello guys, I create a 3D CSS model in blender and assign it 2 material (white and blue) and when I import it in my scene, the texture doesn’t render I don’t know why.

This is how I load my models :

for(const source of this.sources)


        if (source.type == 'gltfModel')




                (file =>


                        this.sourceLoaded(source, file)




Hi, i don’t see any textures, which textures you mean ??

export the model in glb format. This will get all the textures with it

How is the material set up in Blender? You’ll need to configure a material that is compatible with export. See:

If you are using only PrincipleBSDF shading scheme of Blender, and not using complicated nodes, it should be working in threejs.

I was using Diffuse BSDF and export it in glb format, I’ll try principle BSDF

Some material schemes of Blender can’t be embedded into GLTF