Loading a Principled BSDF texture into threejs from blender not working

I’ve been provided the following blend file Verified Cards.blend - Google Drive
and for some reason the textures in the file are just not being rendered when I export it using the gltf renderer in r3f.
I haven’t done much work with threejs so I’m not really sure how to fix it.

The actual output needs to look like this,

Any help would be very appreciated!

The images are not included in the .blend, so I can’t test export. Could you include them with:

File → External Data → Pack Resources

The meshes in your scene seem to have multiple materials, but I can’t see that those materials are assigned to different faces … maybe something to check if that isn’t intentional, I don’t know what it would do.

Alright, that makes sense.
I will get the images and add them.
I will also see why the materials and meshes are being done that way

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Yep you were right, I asked them to include the resources (png’s and everything) and it shows up now, thank you so much!

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