Khronos gltf exporter 2.0 in blender loses texture


I have a .glb (2.0) file that I import in Blender to scale it down and then export it as gltf 2.0 (.glb) using Khronos gltf exporter. However, after export the texture is no longer available.

Could someone please help me figure out what might be the problem?

Here is a link to the model -

How have you imported the glb into Blender?

Thanks for responding. I used the following importer - After importing, when I switch to Texture viewport shading, I can see the texture. It’s just after export, the output loses the texture

KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-Exporter requires that materials use either Blender Render default materials, or the glTF PBR materials provided with the exporter. If the importer is not creating those types of materials (perhaps it creates Principled BSDF materials?) then you’ll have to re-wire the materials before exporting.


We’re working on ensuring that the exporter and will be fully intercompatible but currently this also requires material adjustments. Track for progress.

If you’re just scaling down the model, you could do that in three.js as well with model.scale.set( 0.5, 0.5, 0.5).