Metallic Texture and GLTF Exporter/actions

Hi, I’m currently having some export problems with this model on its texture and animations. Donut copyright Jun Wang.

  1. What’s the easiest way to have a texture show glossiness in Blender and .gltf? So far I’ve tried all kinds of combination of material/texture properties in Blender, still not able to get the glossy result (although it worked once and I lost my memory). This article shows how to separate the textures in channels, but if I have completed a texture already, it would add extra effort on this. So what am I missing here.
  2. How to export .gltf with multiple actions? I’ve tried these exporters blow:
    a. gltfBlenderExporter , BlenderGltf only export 1 action. When push down the actions, mesh will be distorted after export, and one animation will be missing.
    b. GltfBlenderIO is unable to export.
    Not sure if it’s because my Ctrl bone and Deforming bone are different in this case, if so, is my only option to bake the animations to the deforming bones in order for a proper export?

In Blender you should use the Principled BSDF material (which is a metallic/roughness PBR model). Don’t use glossiness – but you can invert the gloss texture to use it for roughness.


If you’re unable to export from glTF-Blender-IO, or the exported animation looks different from the original, you’ll need to file a bug on the exporter. There are some known issues being worked on for skinning, but more bug reports are helpful.

Right, totally forgot nodes, thanks. How is metallic B Channel map made tho? Also once I use nodes, Im unable to export .gltf with texture.

To the animation, the best option is to bake them to deforming bones till bug fix.

In Blender lasted version . (5/23/2019) I got bugs with alpha, object can’t apply transparent

Sounds like, feel free to comment there if you have examples we should test while working on the fix.

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yay ! I met bug exactly same with this, for deadline I must separate object and using testAlpha in code :roll_eyes:
⚓ T64760 Alpha no longer working with glTF 2.0 export using included glTF exporter . If you need model for samlple let tell me