Have to restart my iphone to access my three js webpage

Hi I made prototype for our teams webpage. It’s works very well with my computer.

But sometimes I can’t access with my mobile phone(iphone 13 pro). With this error page

when I meet this page. I have to restart my device. when I restart device, it works well. I’ve learn this error page is because of lack of gpu memory.

The problem is, this page will be our teams main service page. So, I have to fix my code to ‘don’t have to restart web page’.

this is my web site : https://www.dotover.io/

I use 1k image texture one or two only. and I checked model’s gpu memory with gltf-report but it was only near 20MB

Is there any way to flush gpu memory before start my webpage?

Please help :slight_smile:

Plus . It’s work at safari but bot work at chrome…
When I restart device, it works…

No that is not possible.

Does that mean you can not reliably reproduce the issue? If so, that will make it hard for the Chromium team to investigate the issue. Nevertheless, you should probably report it to the Chromium bug tracker: Monorail - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail