Page auto refresh in mobile browsers

I have app with modal which contains canvas(Three.js scene) with 6572 geometries into scene.
My app worked on desktop browsers.
But when i’m trying to test app in mobile and when i open modal with canvas my page is stops near 5-10 seconds and reloads with black content.

Checked devices

  • Iphone 13 safari 15.5
  • Iphone 13 safari 16.1
  • Iphone 6s safari 12.
  • Xiaomi mi11 lite (android v11, Chrome 104.0.5112.97)

Can we help, there are any ideas ?

Yep - do not have 6572 geometries at once.

Mobile browsers enforce quite strict limits on memory - so any memory leak or huge amounts of geometries / textures will inevitably lead to just crashing the browser - thus forcing it to reload.

You can check your CPU allocation % using:

performance.memory.totalJSHeapSize / performance.memory.jsHeapSizeLimit * 100.0

(Not sure if there’s any way to check the GPU though.)


@mjurczyk Ok thank you for answer. So it’s mean that no any solution for that, just i must not draw so many geometries?

If geometries same, then can use instances and then will 1 geometries, 1 draw call, not 6572 calls


@Chaser_Code Ok i will try thank you

you can also test the amount of vram available in a given browser with navigator.deviceMemory, it’s an experimental feature which isn’t yet supported by firefox, from reading a bit on this mobile browsers seem to be limited to 4gb wheras desktop browsers are limited to 8gb see this test, there are a lot of resources online to check how a process is allocated to vram memory on execution…

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Also if gegometries have same material, can merge geometry into one big geometry and will 1 drawcall not 6572

Take caution with this - merging geometries into a single, giant geometry prevents frustum culling, which can lead to significant performance drops - especially on mobile. Instancing you mentioned earlier is usually a better way of solving draw-calls.

Also for static objects can set mesh.updateMatrix=function(){}; it save some milliseconds