Three JS Application snaps or reloads on IOS devices

Hello. I´ve been working on a application that loads 2 GLTF models, some textures like 28 textures 256 x 256. and some other minor stuff like a shadow texture and a 360 graphic to put as a ground plane.
The thing is that the application itself runs pretty well and smoothly on Android devices. But on IOS devices it just keeps reloading everytime I try to change model or the color of the model.
When I inspect the app I see memory at 50 - 53 MB. I dont know if that´s an issue. I need some help because when page reloads not a single message is thrown by the console.
heres the staging link:

It’s ionic github, but may apply in your case as well - see this issue.

You may be:

  1. Trying to do everything at once, thus overloading the main-and-only thread. If it happens, iOS will crash and reload your app. Try delaying any kind of calculations after the models and textures are loaded.
  2. You have a memory leak somewhere in your code.

You can try profiling your app using xcode iOS emulator + safari debugger.

I just discover some fun things about the resources I´m using. first there were some 4096 x 4096 textures that i resized to 512 x 512. That reduce my memory usage. I just test out the change and it seems to fix the issue. My GLTF models + bin file are no more than 6 MBs each. And I´m using two. textures for the color change where 4096 x 4096 and I resized them to 512. so all my assets for the 3D part are no more than 16MB. My next question would be is it good or bab? when I take memory snapshots of my app running is no more than 21 MB on desktop. on Android devices 20 MB and then IOS devices 21 MB. So anyway thanks.