Gltf file crash in iphone

I create a blender model, i export save as gltf. I can see it in andriod,but i can’t see it in ios.Could you help me to see this problem?Thank you a lot!
website link is: Three.js
gltf file link is:

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This models requires 750MB VRAM, I think that is probably too much for many mobile devices (iOS or otherwise). Most of it is texture memory, so you’ll want to reduce the number or the size of the textures.

Here’s a version with all textures scaled to 1K instead, it loads fine on my iPhone:

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Thank you very much for your answers. I would like to ask how you compress it, do you just turn the picture into 1k? Or use gltf-pipeline to compress it?

I just change texture to 1k, it’s work fine. Glb and texture file is 15.6M, Your file is 8M. How you did it is amazing to me.

I used CLI | glTF-Transform here, for example:

gltf-transform resize in.glb out.glb --width 1024 --height 1024
gltf-transform draco out.glb out.glb

Very cool! I tried again. It didn’t break. Thank you very much!
link is: house

@donmccurdy my project started crashing on iOS15 and this saved me. Thanks

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