Have outputEncoding not effect everthing?

Hey guys,

I am applying a different outputEncoding to my renderer. THREE.sRGBEncoding to be exact. I am wondering if it is possible to have some objects in my scene NOT render with this encoding, but instead the default encoding?

Thank you

WebGLRenderer.outputEncoding defines the color space conversion for all fragments/pixels. Iā€™m afraid it would not make sense to convert parts of a frame into a different color space. This is not how a proper color space workflow looks like and certainly not something the engine wants to promote.

Ah, I figured that would be the case.

Is it possible to change the color space or at least the appearance of changing the color space of a single object?

No. You can only define right now in what color space textures are. Material properties like color are supposed to be in linear space.

Gotcha, thanks!

I was able to achieve the effect I was going for my leaving the color space unchanged / default as linear then just tweaking with the object in questions color/emissive/emissiveIntensity :slight_smile:

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