Renderer encoding method making difference in color

While setting the renderer output encoding with various value like THREE.LinearEncoding , THREE.sRGBEncoding , RGBADepthPacking the texture color is changed based on these values. But we are setting the encoder for the renderer. We are using single renderer. But I need some texture with some renderer and other texture with other encoding value. How to use multiple encoding in a single scene. Please ask, If my statements are not clear

Would Texture.encoding help (please note there’s a usage warning in the description in the docs) ?

This is not a valid value for WebGLRenderer.outputEncoding.

It seems you are not interpreting WebGLRenderer.outputEncoding correctly. This property is intended to tell the renderer what output encoding should be applied when determining the final color value in the fragment shader. In general, it’s used to configure a color space conversion e.g. from linear to sRGB.

It seems you are looking for Texture.encoding which defines how texels are encoded (e.g. sRGB). Without this information, the renderer is not able to decode fetched texels into linear space.