Greetings all. Quick introduction and a share of a project

Hello all. I wanted to thank this awesome community for three.js. My background is in chemical engineering but my hobby is programming. I’ve been working on a game/concept and I am at a point of getting to the 3D portion and it’s been fun ride. Three.JS seems like it was made just for my level of knowledge.

Some screen shots…
image image image image image image image

Here is a video I just made of trying out ray casting for the first time. It just simply turns visibility off if an object gets hit. I’m hoping to finish this project and get it out there next year.
I’m still learning a lot and I will have lots of questions when I try more advanced stuff. Cheers. This project is using just native js and three.js. I write my own physics.

This is a video of a sceen of my low end laptop so my apologies but it is all I have at the moment of sharing work.

Ocean sunrise cruise

Slo motion cannon ballistics

Most recent ray cast test:


I have a project update. I am now working on building the ship models completely in JS using buffer geometry. I even have a hole punch code worked out that places ports on curved surfaces. The idea is to start from some contour curves and basic info such as gun count and the. generate the entire ship meshes that are then integrated with damage and player movement. Here’s some work in progress snapshots below.

I know there is a threejs feature being added which lets you filter out light sources on a mesh. I am planning on using this to handle both inside and outside lighting as the player stands in the gun deck and peers out at the enemy ship. Is there an ETA on this feature? Thanks for the great library.

image image image image image image image image image image

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It’s looking great :ok_hand:

Regarding selective lighting, there was a PR opened here a couple of months ago:

However, the original feature request is from 4 years ago:

And the PR #15223 has some serious problems with performance. I wouldn’t base any work on the expectation of this being added soon.

@Mugen87 added an example here on how to use two scenes for selective lighting, but the performance will likely be quite bad there too.

If you need this feature, the best thing to do is to get involved in the discussion over on GitHub. Maybe start by seeing if you can find a way to improve performance in #15223.

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Thanks for the info. My other option is to enable shadows and cast the lower decks in shadow from the sun’s directional lighting. I am nervous about the performance hit using shadows. I would probably try and make a low poly transparent shield to use with cast shadows if it’s possible.

I may have to go back to the drawing board on this. I will noodle through the PRs but I’m not a professional coder. I have many bad habits that I picked up as an enthusiastic hobbist with limited coding time.