GLTF Loader not working anymore

hi, my 3d configurator is still working fine but the gltf model isn’t loading anymore. It was working great, I didn’t touch anything but the problem appeared, so I think it is related with a three.js update or something like that.
Here is the error showing up in the console:

TypeError: THREE.LoaderUtils.resolveURL is not a function
at GLTFLoader.js:2379

I’m using r128 btw

It sounds like you are using a version of GLTFLoader that doesn’t match the version of three.js. LoaderUtils.resolveURL was added in r134 I think.

hello @looeee , since i prefer to use cdn i’m currently using this version of GLTFLoader.

Yeah that’s the issue. If you’re using three.js r128 you need to make sure you use GLTFLoader r128. It’s probably available on unpkg, not sure of the correct URL. Maybe just replace master with 0.128.0?

In general, you should lock the version when using a CDN. If you use @master then whenever three.js is updated the files you get from the CDN will change causing potential breakages like this.

thank you so much @looeee !! it is now working using this url

i will for sure apply you advice and lock all the cdns i am using (too much)

btw, if you have an idea to solve the problem i mentionned here and here about the maximum godrays effect in an effect pass, you would solve an 6 months old problem haha !

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Makes you wonder why a simple key is not added to the loader/controller constructor.

this.version = 144;

Do you mean so it would log an error if the core version doesn’t match the loader version?

That’s actually not a bad idea. Maybe you could open an issue over on Github and suggest it?

I’ll pass, thank you