Cannot load .glTF file

hi all, I have an issue when load glTF file. Eventually, when I check the file using glTF viewer, this error comes:

Validation could not run: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parser’ of undefined.

I have no idea what happens. In addition, I am new to javascript.

Are you using the latest official version of THREE.GLTFLoader from the official repository? Besides, can you please share your glTF asset in this thread?

yes. I downloaded the latest version.

here is the glTF asset:

i download from (

I can load your asset without problems into three.js.

I have just replaced the model in the following official example:

thanks for ur help @Mugen87. Really appreciate it. finally can load the model.
since i am new to this three.js & javascript things, i didnt know when loading the model should be running locally. so, i used Web Server for Chrome. that resolve my issue.

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