GLTF Loader import problem

I have already tried to upload GLTF Loader to my page, and after made

<script src="scripts/GLTFLoader.js"></script>

im having a error caught by any type of browser. Don’t have any idea how to make it working screen
I didn’t even open this script just downloaded and pasted to scripts folder.

Please share enough code for us to reproduce this issue, or a link to a demo.

I haven’t done nothing more than download lastest three package from github, linked gltfloader.js to my script and this error shows up. I didn’t event used this loader yet.

Im using xampp server to host my page, is this error could happen becauce of this?

That’s what this example does, too:

If it’s not working in your project, there’s something different about your project. More information (e.g. at least the complete HTML file?) would make it much easier to help figure out what that is. Have you included the three.js JS file as well, and made sure it’s loaded before GLTFLoader.js?

Okey, i don’t have any idea why this loader didn’t worked. Right now I downloaded whole three package from github again and now it’s working. I didn’t change anything. Seems weird. Anyway thanks for trying to help.

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