Equimake: Your Creative Platform. Powered by Three.js

Hi, I am excited to publish my platform Equimake, powered by Three.js !

Last year, I quit my day job as a Tech Director to focus on what I believe is important to me and others. My passion is helping people and bringing value to them. That’s why I created Equimake - a collaborative web platform designed for learners, artists, gamers, and coders.

My goal is to help non-technical people become more technical and make technology more affordable. On the platform you can build your web 3D experience, grab a public link, and share it with anyone. I believe that companies and their communities should evolve together. Equimake is a community-first platform focused on fostering community connections, collaboration, and shared learning experiences.

If you know someone who could benefit from this platform, please share it with them, or try using it yourself!

UPDATE: lots of users joined as Guests, but guests can’t build only View so I quickly pushed a patch allowing guests create their experiences ! Try it out yourself here ! Equimake


Please check out my 72 hours update video about my platform. Over 300 users joined in the last 3 days and over 50 3D experiences were created. I spent 3 days talking to users, onboarding them and working on new features.
See what’s new !

Check out “Equimake - Get Started” video to understand what are the possibilities of Equimake ! Skip to 5:25 for a killer feature of real-time collaboration powered by SvelteKit, Cloudflare and Threlte !

Hi, see what’s new on Equimake. I added 3D Text, Imgur & Flickr integration as well as Sky configuration - empowering creators to build their 3D galleries on the Web for free. Imgur and Flickr integration allows users to create interactive 3D galleries and 3D text can be used to leave contact information or can be used as a greeting message!

I have added YouTube live and Vimeo integrations to Equimake empowering users to embed their favorite music videos, host live events, create interactive galleries showcasing their art, and simply hangout with friends !

I introduced “Contributor role” and Sandbox experiences allowing you to build with others in a safe manner without risking being griefed ! Come check out “Public Creation Hub” where anyone can build up to 5 objects with others. Equimake - Sign In

And check out this video explaining how it works as well as how it can help Twitch streamers have fun with their viewers !

I have completed the full course of Business Intelligence in Applied Sciences & Martial Arts & Also Mathematics led by none other than @makc3d - which grants me the credibility to state that, man, you’ve spread that target audience thinner than a slice of cheese on a breakfast sandwich in an Eastern-European public hospital :face_holding_back_tears:

These are some super nice, very high quality videos - but I’d consider defining one person you building it all for, then base all features just on them - rather than on what Three.js API allows to build at the time. Right now it’s a bit disjointed - why companies / coders would need Vimeo integration, why 3D artists would need multiplayer, which part makes it more affordable when Blender is free, and which of the features target the gamers and learners :eyes: ? (These are actual questions, not mean / sarcastic / rhetorical ones)

Thanks for checking out @mjurczyk !

I am still looking for my MVS so as you might guess I am trying adding out different features that would appeal to certain audiences. Equimake is still not good enough but it will get there. I am working on Extension system which would allow users to write JS/TS code to extend functionallity in 3D Experiences.

The problem Equimake tries to solve is to make technology more intuitive and more affordable while helping non technical people get more technical.

Imgur & Flickr integration is an easy way to embed images inside Equimake making it a great place for people to create their 3D galleries. Lots of users from platform like Second Life have flickr and would love to showcase their art in a 3D space for free. YouTube and Vimeo integration makes it perfect place to make interactive tutorials, music clubs, hangout rooms or use it in educational technology where a given user can create a Hub that compiles all the needed tutorials.

Equimake does not compete with Blender, you can’t make 3D art inside of it but you can certainly place it and design a level. Multiplayer features are there so artists and others can quickly iterate on their ideas and not feel lonely when working on their projects.

Lastly, real-time features also would target gamers as I will introduce scripting system which would allow the userbase to build games, data visualizations and simulations. Join Discord and see how Equimake is used already !

in 1st week a disabled war veteran joined and built their 3D gallery, now couple Twitch streamers are joined to use Equimake as a fun space to collaborate with their viewers, and couple non technical people built their first 3D scene on the Web for free.

If you have some ideas please let me know !