Creating sheen textures

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project with some t-shirt models. One of the tshirts is white and looks a bit shiny, even after the modeller has reworked its textures. I’ve managed to solve this by bumping up the material’s roughness parameter, but ideally I’d like to take advantage of sheen textures to get a more realistic look.

Unfortunately, the modeller can’t help. He’s using Substance Painter, this is what he says about it :
“You can export a Sheen map from painter, but it doesn’t display in the viewport and when I export it’s just a constant value across the whole map anyway”.

No luck with googling, I’ve searched a bunch of variations on “how to create sheen textures in substance painter” but I always end up with results about shine / skin / spec…

Does anyone know a workflow for 3D artists to create sheenRoughness and sheenColor textures?

Both textures were primarily added to support the KHR_materials_sheen glTF extension.

Substance Painter does support a glTF 2.0 export but AFAIK not the extension. Hence, I would ask at the respective community if there are any plans to add support for KHR_materials_sheen.

@Mugen87 Thanks, that was a quick answer! Do you know if any other 3D modelling tools support it?

I’m not aware of a tool but maybe @donmccurdy knows one.

If you can paint the sheen textures in Substance Painter or Blender first, and export them separately, then I think you could attach the textures to the glTF file using KHR_materials_sheen in the Gestaltor tool.

Similarly — but with code — you could attach the textures in glTF Transform using scripts similar to these examples: Writing volumetric refraction in glTF 2.0 and the MaterialsSheen class.

@donmccurdy @Mugen87 Thanks for the info guys!