Cannot see sheen in the material

Im trying to render a car in threejs, and looking at transmission, sheen and clearcoat, currently not able to see the effects of sheen or even see transmission.

I know without a code example I am not really giving you guys much to go on, but I wondered what kind of setup is required to make sheen work. Do you need a specific version of threejs? I noticed sheen on my material is null and i assign a ‘Color’ object but this doesnt seem to do anything. No errors at this point. Any updates or changes i make to the sheen colour doesnt do anything. The material seems unaffected by my changes. Whether I change roughness or anything else doesnt do anything either.

You have to assign a color value to MeshPhysicalMaterial.sheen to enabled the sheen BRDF. For a more complete setup, I suggest you study webgl_materials_physical_sheen.

Hello, I do this at the beginning where i assign a colour and then i change the colour value and it shows nothing. I even put the roughness down and still nout.

I will create a sample and return with my findings.

Thanks for the response.