Cool things you can do with GLTFExporter: Blender Cycles Rendering!

I thought I’d share a cool workflow (probably already been demonstrated a few times?) you can do going from a three.js app (in this case an Ionic /Angular/TypeScript app) to blender, for magazine quality renders:

The Ormsby Guitars designer app I built lets you customize a guitar and use custom materials such as this flamboyant number:


The dev version of the app now lets you export your design as glTF, so I did that.

Then I had a look for some example Blender scenes with nice lighting I could borrow:

Then I imported the exported glTF in Blender 2.8 (beta), scaled/rotated/positioned it and ran the cycles render and hey presto:


Cool huh?



The renders look great! :clap:

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Thanks! Also if anyone knows how to model a steel wound guitar strings in three let me know :slight_smile: I’ve tried all sorts but I’m fundamentally not a 3D artist.

flamboyant is my favorite number! Looks lovely, great job! For “steel” look, try the metalness property of PBR material, it comes bundled in by default in blender 2.80.

Good luck!

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