Photoreal Help!

Hello, I am working on a photorealistic animation project, and I need help!!

I need to turn this animation of game asset looking Tulip growing and withering, into the most gorgeous, epic, awesome, and photorealistic webgl animation ever made! Aim for perfect and fail with great kind of mentality.

This is mesh, animation, and pre-textured gltf model is from blender. And now that it is in three.js I need to push the limits.

Can anyone please direct me to the key components for maximizing the WOW factor of this, starting with a rendering reference? I’ve heard of something called sunflower thats been discontinued that was supposed to help with these. Is there another “renderer” you can literally import for better graphics?

Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated. I hope to report back after diving deep into whats possible, pushing the limits of webgl rendering for photorealism. Thanks!

Try it

There are MANY things that go into a convincing render - but given you are rendering a flower (high roughness, low metalness), you can forego complex reflections. I’d recommend using the default threejs PBR setup, with soft high-res VSM shadows, an HDRI environment map, and maybe some subsurface scattering for the leaves. You can then make the flower sway in the vertex shader. Just some quick ideas.

We are working on a 3D viewer framework(over three.js) that targets real-time photorealism for browsers. You can check it out here:
This is not a renderer implementation, but a complete library to make 3d viewer/player applications

Note: The Developer SDK is in beta. (and commercial use is paid)

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