C4D Model Tweak Up in Editor...HELP!

Please forgive newbie question…I’m a 3D modeler/animator working on a project for a client using three.js and I’m trying to translate a model for them to use in a browser.

I’m trying to supply them with a GLTF as close to what I’m seeing in C4D, so I’m using the GLTF exporter in Cinema, then using the online editor here… https://threejs.org/editor/.
From there I can use the in-browser controls to beat the materials back into shape. The issue is that I can’t export a new GLTF once I make these changes. Pressing the button doesn’t do anything. I can kick out other formats, just not GLTF.

Once again, sorry for the newbie question, but I’m not a developer, and I need to get this out.
Thanks for ANY thoughts/tips!

Do you see any warnings or errors in the browser console when trying to export to glTF?

No! I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!

After making these changes in the editor, can you please export to JSON (Use “Export Scene”) and share the resulting file in this thread?

Oh yeah, I do get some errors…

GLTFExporter.js:1154 THREE.GLTFExporter: Creating normalized normal attribute from the non-normalized one.
processMesh @ GLTFExporter.js:1154
processNode @ GLTFExporter.js:1741
processNode @ GLTFExporter.js:1789
processScene @ GLTFExporter.js:1860
processInput @ GLTFExporter.js:1913
parse @ GLTFExporter.js:1943
(anonymous) @ Menubar.File.js:236
GLTFExporter.js:261 Uncaught TypeError: normal.clone is not a function
at createNormalizedNormalAttribute (GLTFExporter.js:261)
at processMesh (GLTFExporter.js:1156)
at processNode (GLTFExporter.js:1741)
at processNode (GLTFExporter.js:1789)
at processScene (GLTFExporter.js:1860)
at processInput (GLTFExporter.js:1913)
at THREE.GLTFExporter.parse (GLTFExporter.js:1943)
at UI.Row. (Menubar.File.js:236)

Do you mind sharing the mentioned JSON file? This might help to understand why this error happens.