How to export model

Hey ,
I created a scene where I loaded a gltf model and an obj model ( with texture ) . I need to save the model in this scene ( ie both gltf model and obj model as a single model ) . I am a beginner in three.js and don’t know how the exporters work . ! Any resource or small suggestions would be of great help .

In this case you have to force the Save as... dialog which depends on the way you provide the download. I suggest you study the existing resources about this topic on the web. E.g.

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A normal web application can’t do this for security reasons.

Ok , But is there any way to save the model in the backend , just to rettieve it later .

Yes of course. But there are tons of possibilities to implement this. If you have no backend so far but are familiar with JavaScript, you probably want to code this with Node.js.


I do have a backend with node.js and express connected , but not sure how to save the model in backend . Can you provide any source on how to do it ! For now I want to test trying to save it in the source folder and later moving to cloud

Is there any resource available . If yes could you share them

Sorry, please google this topic by yourself. I’ve not implemented something like this for a while now.

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OK , Thanks :slight_smile: