Light passing through glass material

Good morning!
So my question is, I work with blender and export the model in gltf format so i can upload in my three.js website, the problem is that i cant find a way to export glass material that the light passthrough and make shadows inside the model, is there any way to achieve that?
In my material tests i can see through the glass material but the light cant get through, its like three.js is reading it as opaque

You’ll want to review glTF 2.0 - Blender 4.1 Manual closely for what settings of Blender materials can be exported, and which can’t. I’m not sure from the description what you’re trying to achieve, sharing the source material in Blender might help.

Imagine the blue material as a window, i just want to cast shadows so the light goes inside the window and have light inside

Transparency is a property of the material and can be exported. Shadows and filtered light through a transparent medium are rendering techniques, not properties of the material, and cannot be exported from Blender.

To learn about setting up shadows in three.js, see the shadow-related examples, and light-related examples. Both lights and shadows generally need to be set up in three.js, not imported from Blender.