Export from Blender to three.js issue

Hey guys,

I have prepared models in Blender. I baked the light to the material and after hours of working on this, I still don’t know where is the issue. In three.js, it didn’t open with baked material.

Can somebody navigate me where can be the problem?

Have you tested this in a viewer like https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/? It looks reasonable to me. If it’s not what you expected, you may need to share the .blend so we can compare.

Hey Don! Thanks for trying out.

Yes it is fairly good, but it is not with the same quality what I have in Blender and this is what I want to achieve. I wanted to bake the light into the model, but still, they are not showing in three.js. I think this is better solution than setting the light in three.js

I wanted to use 6th frame.

Here is the file: test_three.js.Blend (263.0 KB)

I can’t tell what result you’re getting, or what result you’re expecting, sorry. This model has one texture, but it isn’t included with your .blend so I can’t see it. Is that the baked lighting you’re referring to? Please be specific so that others can understand and reproduce the problem.

Hello Samuel, lights being baked in your textures, aren’t you looking for applying an unlit material to your mesh?
There’s a thread about this there.