CanvasTexture sprite not shown on iOS VR mode


Im trying to get a Sprite with a CanvasTexture to be placed in front of the view on a VR environment.
It does work on non-VR iOS, and it is also working on any other platform both VR/non-VR.
Problem is iOS+VR, is it just not shown, and it’s not giving any specific errors or warning messages.

Reproducible demo:

Any clues why this happening?

Thanks in advance.

Notice that browsers on iOS do no really support WebXR. They have to fall back to a WebXR polyfill which is actually included in your app. I guess this bit makes your sprite rendering fail.

Honestly I don’t think its an iOS limitation because I have seen crazy complex webgl apps working with no issues on iOS+VR like the quake3 gl port or the n64 ports.

Another thing that it is a real issue (and maybe this is indeed related) is:
When entering VR, the position of the “xrCamera” is NOT the same than the original camera:
I mean, Its completely placed somewhere else (seems like z += 1 from the original in this case) even defining a local referenceSpace (that is supposed to keep the view in the same place).
This issue can be tested on any browser on the above codesandbox: when entering VR, the new camera is CLOSER to the front objects than when we are non-VR:
Why is this happening and how to prevent it?

Anyone…? :slightly_frowning_face: