iOS Texture not loading!

Has anyone got problems loading content with an iphone or any other iOS device. When loading obj’s and trying to load the texture, mostly pngs, it never loads them!
Is there anyway to solve it apart from using jpgs as textures.

Can you please verify if the following examples work on your iOS devices?

What does that mean? Are there single PNGs that do work?

Can you also please specify the exact model and iOS version of your iPhone?

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Hi Mugen, thanks for taking the time to read my thread, yes I can visualize both examples on my phone. Yes, most of the textures that dont work are in PNG format but still some JPEG’s. I wonder what it is, because in all the flat planes that I created (within threejs) , the PNG texture cannot be visualized. In addition some materials specified in the MTL cant be visualized, such as glass.
My iphone is a 7, iOs version 12.4. I attach you some pictures of how the objects look on my phone.

Sorry, I don’t have an iOS device around so I can’t reproduce this by myself. Maybe other community members can have a look.

In any event, do you see any warnings or error messages in the browser console? The following guide might help to do so:

I suspect your issue occurs in Safari as well as in Chrome, right?

After sometime, I think is just better to handle iOs and ThreeJS with Chrome overall, I think is a problem with Safari on iOs definetively. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late reply!!!

Well, Safari is the new Internet Explorer…

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