TextureLoader doesn't work on iphone only (security ?)

Hi all,
i work on a web app with shiro as securitye. The behavior is simple. The app ask a user/pwd on load the first page and after, it work for all file and image during the session. Now, i want to include three js page in my app but i discovered that it doesn’t work on iphone (only). After a lot of test, it seems to be due to a security probleme. the TextureLoader seems to need a new connection with user/pwd to work. I read a lot of discussion about “credentials” but didn’t found the solution. Is there a way to configure the textureLoader to work ??

hi, I discovered that the previous version of three js (without module) work ! So, i think that it’s a problem security using module. Somebody have an idea to help me ?
thanks a lot !

Hi all,

Just for your information and to help every body with this problem, i found the solution.
There two different parameters to add to solve this problem.
First, add crossorigin="use-credentials" in the to solve the problem for the module and secondly, add loader.crossOrigin= “use-credentials”; to the TextureLoader to solve the loading of the picture.
hope it will help somebody…
Thanks to all !

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