Basis textures on Safari

Hi all!

I’ve just discovered the amazing .basis format and I’m trying to understand its browser support.
I’ve tested the basic three.js example ( on a variety of devices/oss/browsers and I’ve noticed something I can’t figure out myself.

Basically if I load the page on Safari (both on iOS and Mac OS), it works intermittently

I mean, the first time it works, then I refresh a bunch of times and sometimes the texture just doesn’t appear. Then I refresh again and it works.

No error in the console, the error handler on the BasisTextureLoader doesn’t fire, Network panel shows 200 OK and the file is actually received by the browser. It just doesn’t show up!

A screen capture can be seen here

I have no idea how to fix it if there’s no error, and I was wondering if that’s something that can be fixed somehow, because that would be a real game changer for my project.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like this may be a bug, especially if it’s happening on the official example. Do you mind opening a new issue for this? Thanks!

Sure thing!