Loading a model on iOS with three.js and Mapbox GL

Hi, I’m trying to load a .glb model on iOS but it’s not working. It says OES_texture_float_linear not supported. Works on desktop. Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not supported on iOS? Is this a model issue or something I can fix in how three.js is configured? Built-in Safari on iOS 14.0.1.

Example: https://maps.appulize.com/all/ and click any flag.

Which version of iOS and which device? (regarding your error)

It’s hardware/browser WebGL support, the only way to fix it is to change the hardware (or not use floating point textures.)

Sorry, I have updated the question with the required information. So this means i could somehow modify the .glb file to use a different texture format? It comes straight out of Agisoft MetaShape so I know nothing about the texture format unfortunately.

Can you share the model / sample code that would be causing that error?

Tbh that’s the first time I see float point textures used. Changing Texture.type and Texture.format to an integer texture may fix the issue, but also cause colour changes / artifacts on the texture - but I’m guessing, maybe @Mugen87 / @Fyrestar will know more about how it works internally.

Of course, both models in the example link, but there is a direct one http://maps.appulize.com/halfar/Hal%20Far%20Raceway-400k.glb