Can we NOT talk about this please?

This happens every now and then, someone post something here, or anywhere else really - and you read it, and you feel the feels. The feels, the emotions.

These emotions can be happiness, surprise, but I mostly care about anger, irritation and hate for now.

This is a technical forum, and as such, I don’t know about you - but I expect to read about technology. If someone is happy, or sad regarding a feature or a piece of new tech - that’s cool too, and I enjoy an occasional meme as much as the next person.

Sometimes, I see people talk about world politics. And it makes me feel the feels, specifically - it makes me angry.

Why do I have to be exposed to something that’s by its nature divisive and typically not positive, while being wholly unrelated to technology?

I may agree with your politics, or I may disagree, but you expressing your political views here, publicly will make me feel a negative emotion. On the scale from sadness to anger, depending on how much I personally agree with the views being expressed. This brings me to my main point: PLEASE DON’T. If you want to express your political views, and you visit this forum - please don’t express them here. Talk to a friend, visit your local government assembly, find a political forum, or if you really really must - do it privately, message a person or a group outside of the public eye.

To me, this seems like a very basic thing, for a functioning adult it’s the same as not throwing trash on the street or using a bathroom to relieve yourself. I like a lot of people here, and the chances are, if I were to spend some time with any of you in private - we could become friends. But you are not my friend. Our relationship revolves around three.js. Please keep the discussion limited to that topic. Don’t turn this platform and this community into a toxic divisive dump.

I understand that some of you are probably confused reading this thus far. You’re probably puzzled by what prompted me to write this. After some thinking, I decided that I will not provide examples that motivated me, that would just be pouring fuel onto the fire. Suffice it say - there are examples of that.

If you’re not the kind of person that that ever done such things - thank you, and I appreciate it.
If you believe you are not the kind of person who is bothered by politics being brought to this platform - I feel a little envious of you.

At the end of the day, it’s not about me. The reason I wrote this - is because I believe it is something that hurts the community as a whole. And I care about this community.

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Could you PM me the examples that motivated you? It’s obvious this isn’t a political forum and the community and project should not be touched by any of it, but i could only find one i suppose you mean.

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i think i’ve only ever seen one case of political activism here, and miraculously it was just ignored as people are way to busy with their own problems. the discord is pretty mellow as well. i do understand where you’re coming from though, social is a constant stream of negativity flowing into your living spaces.

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Is there a way to modify a little bot to detect if a post or reply is related to three? This could trigger a prompt warning that posts not related to three could lead to post banning with a 3 strike limit? It’s sad that these things even have to be discussed.

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I think it’s fair to expect that threads and replies here should be in some way related to three.js, or the three.js community. But don’t think we can go as far as banning political topics, or attempting to automatically enforce such a ban. It is not that easy to predict the ways something “political” to me might be an important part of someone else’s experience in this community.

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Flagged may be a better term but agreed