[Featured Project Submission] A three.js tool to create and 3D print sex toys

I have recently completed this tool: https://sextoycollective.com/sculptor/


I was wondering if it would make for a good featured project on the threejs.org homepage? This tool is both fun to use and has real world application it shows how three.js can be used with 3D printers to create new technologies that could disrupt existing businesses.
The tool received 2300 likes on reddit and 90 comments. It gets a lot of engagement and might be a fun addition to the homepage:)


I think that this is somewhat contraversial. It’s iffy territory and you can’t use the words like **** ****, or *****. Last time I wrote **** **** my post got edited. I really like the idea and it seems others do to, it’s just that this is a somewhat specific environment that reminds me of the Puritans. Good luck with your *****, ***** and ***** *****.



Thank you for your reply. I can’t see what words you used because it only says ****. Are you saying that this forum reminds you of Puritans?

I’ve had some other tech sites feature it, but they just include a bit that says “NSFW”. I guess i’ll just keep improving it, adding features, and keep trying to see if they like it.

I like the tool you built. It’s a fun product visualizer, the Soft-Serve and the Oscar are hilarious! But we cannot just ignore that it comes with very strong sexual connotations that can complicate things. I think a lot of Three.js developers are underage, a lot use it in a classroom learning environment, and a lot of others work in professional office settings, so showcasing this on the homepage would probably just cause headaches for both the administrators and for visitors. Human Resources departments would frown on their employees visiting sextoycollective during office hours. Employees would probably be scrambling to close the browser window when they realize they just opened a dildo-builder. And I couldn’t even imagine what high school administrators would do, since it’s an educational website linking to adult content.

I think it getting 2300 likes on Reddit is great, but it was posted in a sex-themed channel, so people knew what to expect when they go there, and Reddit has age-consent (“You must be 18+ to view”) messages. Running into your tool from the homepage will certainly be unexpected to many.

That’s just my two cents.


Might apply here too. Maybe should have NSFW in the topic?

I wonder if any porn VR viewers have been built with threejs.

Thanks @marquizzo, that’s very well put.

We’re not puritans here, but we are a space of public discourse, and we do need to balance the needs of all of our users. That includes people who use three.js for things like sex toy generators, or VR porn, and also people who use three.js for educating children.

That doesn’t mean that we need to pretend sex doesn’t exist. It does mean that we need to treat it carefully, make sure that discussion is respectful, and avoid explicit imagery, both here and in sites linked from here.

Personally, I’m OK with this being here since the site is pretty tame and respectful, and, again personally, I don’t count photos of plastic toys as explicit - they are tamer than what you could walk past in a shop window on any European high street. However, I am just one person on a team of moderators and we will consider all feedback that we receive on this.

With all that said, our primary goal on this forum is to discuss the technicalities of using three.js to display 3D on the web, not to test the limits of public discourse. Any posts, and any users, that the moderator team thinks are disrupting that goal will be removed immediately. If you ever feel we’ve decided incorrectly feel free to message @moderators and we’ll discuss the decision privately.


Hi, I’m currently working on 3D web implementation using three.js at dev school and enjoy playing with this spicy sculptor
I wonder if you mind sharing the code of this tool ?
Thanks in advance for you answer !