How likely is it to get my tool featured on the Three.js homepage?

Hello, I think it would be cool to get my tool featured on the homepage of three.js. Here is the tool i submitted (it lets people make dildos and 3d print them) do you think it is something they would accept?
Also, do you know any other sites that feature three.js projects and tools?
Thanks for any tips.

As far as I know, the submit form just sends a message to @mrdoob and he decides if he wants to include your project or not.

It doesn’t look to be much more complex than some of the examples from the docs. It’s essentially a path and a large with some default materials and lighting. Is he profile curve also threejs or something else.

Likely 2/10, would be my guess.

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@pailhead so you’re telling me there’s a chance:)

I guess it’s kinda simple, but it also has some real world application by letting you 3D print your work with no auto-cad skill required: )