Looking for a three.js dev

Whenever there is a title like this on the forum, I think there is a bot that answers. I made the mistake of emailing them and now I keep getting spam.
Just wanted to give people a heads up.

There ain’t no bot nor spam - and now, please email me at enroll@free-bitcoin-now.com about your project!

A Person

(But on a serious note - I think there’s just a few bigger agencies scouting the forum for new projects on the jobs tag, and they reply with a copy-paste message. Though I still wouldn’t expect to get spam in return…? :thinking: )


Well it’s not spam but you keep getting “Reminder that you need to answer me #17” which seems a bit unprofessional?

Who did you email? If you don’t want to share it here can you let me know in a private message?