🌲 Let’s try to leave our park better than we found it

After reading through the policies, I think I’m riding a fine line with 2. Responsibility of Contributors?
I created :closed_book:Three.js Bookshelf with the intent to create an all-in-one place for the community to go to on Three.js and WebGL - at least with getting an understanding of the basic building blocks.

I’ve been doing my own due diligence reading up on the policies within https://discourse.threejs.org/
Terms of Service - three.js forum and I came across 4. Payment and Renewal was there a time when this was applicable?

That’s cool, that you’ve put me in the same row with @Mugen87 and @looeee :smiley:
But in the field of Three.js I’m in a primary school, whereas they are in the last year of a university :sweat_smile: That’s my impression.
My path here is the path of trial and error, plus some residual knowledge from Soviet school, modern Russian technical school and university, plus answering the questions on Stackoverflow, reading the answers from WestLangley there and listening here, what much greater specialists say. :wink: Not such a difficult way :blush:

I think you guys are putting me on a very much undeserved pedestal.
Especially @prisoner849, if I deserve to be on that tiny list then you certainly do as well.

@ben don’t read too much into the TOS and Privacy statements - these are basically just legal boilerplate that every website is required to have by law. The pages were added automatically by Discourse and I don’t think we changed anything, hence the references to payments.

Really, they are just there to protect us from legal issues and ensure that we’re not responsible for anything that people post here and that anything posted, including code, is automatically in the public domain.

How did you join forces in creating day today efforts on keeping https://discourse.threejs.org so stable?
Do you have weekly/monthly meetings?

There is a staff only section of the site. We don’t talk there very often though. People here are generally very well behaved and the site pretty much runs itself… so far! :grin:

How do I follow in your footsteps?

Highly recommend the real-time rendering book. Personally, I’m about a third of the way through studying it in depth.

My background is in mathematics, which was definitely useful. But really in 3D you’ll mostly just be using linear algebra for your day to day work, so make sure that you have a basic grounding in that - vectors, matrices (especially the 4x4 transformation matrix), linear equations and so on - and then add to it as you need. Next level, add Euler angles and Quaternions. I haven’t read that game mathematics book but I’ve heard it recommended by lots of people so it’s probably a good place to start.

how do you know all things related to three.js

I most certainly don’t know all the things :sweat_smile:

But the things that I do know just came with time and practice, same as everyone else. You can’t know everything at once. But give it a couple of years and before you know it you’ll have people very undeservedly calling you an expert too! Haha!


Ooh we should start a book recommendations thread somewhere. :smiley:

I think https://opensource.guide/ is a nice reference for some of these questions, with sections like:

  • Best Practices for Maintainers
  • Building Welcoming Communities

@donmccurdy I’ve started the 📕 Three.js Bookshelf probably not exactly what you are thinking.

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Oh my and thanks to @hofk for kindly pointing me in the right direction to getting to know everyone that I hadn’t realized was possible within discourse.

I’ve removed related social media data to correct what I SHOULD NOT have done in the first place. My apologies!

@prisoner849 @looeee edit as necessary as well, unless you are fine leave as is.

What can be done to enforce the mcve and

I need to make an app, can you do it for me?

In other words, what are the best practices that can be applied here to not turn this into another stack overflow for three.js?

Hence why the jobs category was created.
Unfortunately the category is being ignored.

Might need to put a disclaimer at the top of the forum: https://discourse.threejs.org/
or an animated plane scrolling across the screen from time to time to catch the eye as a reminder for the community.

Love it when I see comments like this, puts a warm fuzzy feeling into the room! Found on stackoverflow

Finally, somebody reads the documentation :slight_smile:@prisoner849 Feb 7 at 13:35

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@ben :smile: Oh, my… where and how(!?) did you find it??

@prisoner849 looking up raycasters on stackoverflow. You are being modest with trial and error my friend, you have some serious skills you’ve obtained over time!

And a really good soul, to be writing all those answers for no fame or wealth :smiley:


I’ve been spending alot of time in stackoverflow seeing where everyone is participating - pailhead on shaders, nice: https://jsfiddle.net/65xabvx4/12/

@Fyrestar come across more of your posts as well

I’m so grateful to everyone that answers questions and tough ones too day after day!
Thanks again to everyone participating in this effort!

I am experiencing within stackoverflow posts many examples are left broken(stagnant) - possibly left to broken changes within the Three.js library. Have an itch in wanting to go back and fix those many broken examples from older versions of Three.js.