Board / Community Platform

To be honest, Discourse isn’t what a real forum is in my opinion. It’s most importantly missing the typical board structure, the tags and search are basically the same as github was. It’s like a very minimalistic platform for the mass, like github sites.

There also isn’t very much activity here since launch, i don’t say it’s just Discourse, but for some people it probably is, since it is just more of a issue tracker, not like a community board. It’s too flat structured. It just doesn’t feels good. The theme also is too cold, empty and too technically minimalistic. If you think of Burning Board you know what i mean.

It shouldn’t be eyebleeding, but clear and professional, not just blank white. I would love to see a forum like

In this case they are basically using just wordpress with a community plugin, i’ve seen more platforms doing it this way now. Unfortunately, they don’t list THREE as category. Anything that comes close to an actual board would be awesome.

How about some WebGL stuff being worked into the three forum UI?.. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?..

And I didn’t think it warranted a new thread, but since the Change Log at git hub usually takes eons to be written, it would rock if we could somehow see the list as it is being written, either there or here…

The biggest issue I have with this forum is the that’s it’s just a long feed of posts, and there is no control over them even as a moderator - if I make any edits to a post (for example, if I put better tags on a week old post), it jumps straight to the top of the queue again pushing down newer questions.

I’ve tried raising an issue about this on the discourse meta forum, but it got closed immediately - this really affects my ability to moderate the site well, as I’d like to improve the tagging over time but really don’t want months old posts jumping to the top every time I change anything.


Oh my gosh… That r88 change log is taking FOR-EV-ER! MrDoob & Co, please, pretty please, break away and write the change log if you can. r88 has been out for almost a month… Sure would love to know what is in it…