Forum design improvements

Will there be any changes to this forum design/layout?

I think each person has the capability to customize their own forum settings and tweak the styling a bit. Not sure the styling can change that much though.

What kind of changes would you like to see?

I think it is quite OK as is - clean and basic, with a colour scheme not too dissimilar to the main site.

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That is true, I don’t think much needs to be changed. Gray and White and Blue. We got it down here! Now we just need people to actually use this. Maybe @mrdoob should add a simple notification when someone enters that says: “We’ve got a new forum, come check it out!”. Because I don’t think people realize that we’re just waiting here to help them out! :laughing:

I’d like to see it styled as Three.js website/docs. I like three.js website design even more than the design of this forum and would like to see at least some concepts of such design here.
@mrdoob What do you think?

I think the current design is fine for now.

It’s not that easy to completely style it, I think. It has customization, but not that much. I’m probably wrong though…