Dark mode for forum

Is there a dark mode for this forum?
It can help reading by decreasing white light, at night for example.
If not can it be added?


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added all the default themes available, you can go to this link and try them out:



Here’s what I see

Unless i’m missing something - there is no theme setting.

I had to refresh a couple of times to make it show up. Maybe try clearing your cache?


By the way, there are other discourse themes available for download. If anybody finds a theme they like, request it here and I’ll install it.

We can also install widgets/components as well, either per theme or globally. I haven’t checked those out yet but there might be some useful ones available.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response and feature. Waow!
I am new here. Hope the questions category is so prompt and welcoming too.

Not to be against whistles and bells. They are quite fun at times. I should add I like keeping things simple. :slight_smile:

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As long as you read the guidelines and write detailed questions :wink:

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